Coaches Day 2021 - 25th September: Save the Date!
After a successful 2019 campaign initiated by our Finnish colleagues, and a 2020 global campaign, we would like to make 2021 Coaches Day bigger and better than ever! 
There are millions of coaches around the world, most of them working on a voluntary basis, and all of them having a big impact on our lives and societies. As part of European Week of Sport 2021, there will be a day celebrating Sport Coaches on 25th September and once again, we are tasking people with thanking their coach.
When have you thanked your coach?  What makes them special? How have you learned from your coach?  How did they help you succeed? Please take this opportunity to thank and surprise your coach via social media using the hashtags #thankscoach #beactive
What can you do as an organization? 
  • You can create a promotional video in your own language featuring well-known athletes or players and/or their coaches
  • Share your video within your country
  • Encourage individuals to thank their coaches on social media (video/photo or message using #thankscoach and #beactive)
  • Share this message with your networks to help spread the word
  • Follow ICCE on social media and share our Coaches Day animations to help spread the word!

Find out what our members are doing for Coaches' Day:

Kirsi Hämäläinen, ICCE Vice President for Europe

Hungarian Coaching Association

Zoltán Molnár, President of the HCA

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